Empowering Women, Energizing Futures

Advancing Women in Africa's Oil and Gas Industry.

Women in Oil and Gas (WOAG) champions gender equality and diversity in Africa's energy sector. Our mission is to uplift and empower women through advocacy, networking, skills development, and strategic partnerships across the continent.

Welcome to Women in Oil and Gas

Discover a world where women lead and excel in the oil and gas sector, transforming Africa's energy landscape with innovation and diversity.

Women remain underrepresented in all the oil and gas value chain sectors in South Africa as well as across Africa. Therefore, women’s economic empowerment remains an area that is insufficiently explored in Africa. The oil and gas industry remains and will continue to be the economic backbone of energy generation and supply for the African continent.

There are various benefit in empowering women in the oil and gas sector; these are improved welfare for the families, increased diversity in wealth, better corporate image of firms and creation of a sustainable wealth generation. It is critical for the African continent to promote, develop and uplift its women in response to gender disparities and to further increase inclusivity economic wealth generation.

Empowering Women in Energy: Our Purpose and Aspirations

At WOAG, we strive to break barriers and foster gender equality in Africa's oil and gas industry, nurturing female leaders and innovators for a sustainable future.

Elevating Women in Energy

WOAG is dedicated to amplifying women's voices and roles in energy, ensuring their significant impact on Africa's oil and gas sector.

Empowerment Through Education: Our Training and Development Programs

Our 'Empowerment Through Education' initiative provides a range of training and development programs tailored for women in the oil and gas industry.

These programs cover technical skills, leadership development, and industry-specific knowledge, aimed at equipping women with the tools they need to excel.

Through workshops, mentorship, and online courses, we're committed to building a strong foundation for female professionals, fostering their growth, and enhancing their impact in the evolving energy landscape.

Upcoming Events and Initiatives

Stay tuned for exciting events and initiatives designed to elevate and empower women in the energy sector.
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Latest News and Industry Insights

Get the latest updates and expert insights on women's evolving roles in the oil and gas industry.
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Strategic Objectives: Our Roadmap to Change

Discover our strategic objectives focused on advocacy, networking, skill-building, and diversity in the energy sector.
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Contact Us: Get Involved and Stay Connected

Reach out to join our cause or inquire about WOAG initiatives. Let's connect and make a difference!
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