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Who Are We

Women in Oil and Gas (WOAG) is a non-profit organization, established in 2023, dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusion in Africa's oil and gas sector. We strive for women's empowerment through advocacy, network building, and skills development, ensuring their active participation and leadership in this transformative industry.

Ensuring Excellence and Ethical Leadership

WOAG adheres to strict governance standards, fostering transparency and ethical practices in advancing women's roles in energy.

Board of Directors

Diverse team of experienced leaders dedicated to driving WOAG's mission and strategic vision forward.
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Financial Oversight:

"Rigorous financial management to ensure responsible and effective use of resources for maximum impact."
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Empowering Women in Africa's Oil and Gas Sector

Develop and empower women in the oil and gas industry in Africa.


Championing Gender Equality in Oil and Gas

Foster the gender equality and inclusion in the oil and gas industry in Africa.

Our Impact

Advancing Women in Energy

Driving real change for women's empowerment and representation in Africa's oil and gas sector.
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