Strategic Objectives

Advocacy and Representation:

WOAG serves as a powerful mouthpiece for women working in the oil and gas sector. Through proactive advocacy efforts, the organization highlights the contributions of women professionals, addresses gender disparities, and champions equitable policies within the industry.

Skills Development:

WOAG is committed to driving skills development programmes that empower women and girls with the necessary competencies to excel in the oil and gas industry. These programs encompass technical, leadership, and soft skills training, ensuring that participants are well-prepared to meet the challenges of a rapidly evolving sector. In addition, upskilling and reskilling of the women in the oil and gas sector will be conducted to advance the current skill set of the industry.

Diversity and Skill Enhancement:

The organization recognizes the value of a diverse skill set within the industry. WOAG actively strives to create a critical mass of women professionals with a wide range of expertise, fostering innovation and adaptability in an ever-changing oil and gas landscape.

Network Building:

One of WOAG core functions is to develop a robust network of women professionals who share a common interest in the oil and gas sector. This will be done by facilitating meaningful connections, foster partnerships and collaborations, knowledge sharing, and mentorship opportunities among women in the oil and gas industry across South Africa and the African continent.

Strategic Partnerships:

WOAG collaborates with government, private oil and gas companies, and other stakeholders to advance the development of women in the oil and gas sector. By establishing partnerships, the organization works to create an environment that supports women growth, empowerment, and leadership.

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